Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Korea Randonneuring

August 2009
Science, will bring me frequently to Korea (ROK) over the next three years and this will provide a unique opportunity to explore this country by bicycle.

Although cycling, and especially Randonneuring, is not very popular in Korea, I was able to track down one long-distance cyclist in Korea. Jan Boonstra, a native from the Netherlands, has been living in Korea for quite some time and he explored the entire (Southern) Peninsula (Jan's Korean cycling page)

Jan Boonstra's home page

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fathersday in America - The Ensign and Lothar on the road

Here we are - driving across our great country to drop off the ensign's car in Oakland.

Our trusted companion:

Pumping gas kept us entertained:

Day 2: from Iowa to Omaha

On our way West, we visited Kay and his family.

Day 3: Omaha to Grand Junction

Day 4: Grand Junction to Moab

We arrived in Moab around noon and after a brief lunch with a "Derailleur Ale" we took a spin on the BarM loop and O loop trail.

Slickrock riding

Day 5: Riding the Slickrock trail

Father and son on Fathers Day. We did some family-style cycling on "Slickrock Trail" and the "Hurray Trail". Afterwards we had a late lunch, which we washed down with a "Polygamy Porter". Apparently their fitting logo is "Why have just one?"

Zach riding the slickrock trail:

Day 6: Moab to Salt Lake City

Day 7: Salt Lake City to Reno